In this section you will find an overview of all the promotions in our portfolio. To help you navigate through this list, we have split the promotions by architecture. Simply choose your architecture below and you will be directed to all promotions for that sector.  

5 Year Multi Year Services Promo

Customer recieve a discount on five-year services contracts for: Smart Net Total Care (SNTC), Smart Care, Cisco SNTC Service for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Distributor Support Service (DSS) and *Essential Operate Services (CBS) for TelePresence (TP). For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.
*excluding Cisco Software Support Service (SWSS) ECMU SKU.

Collaborate Everywhere Promotion

Collaborate Everywhere is the primary partner promotion for selling Cisco collaboration solutions. It provides attractive discounts and a wide variety of opportunities across the collaboration portfolio. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

SeedIT First-Time Buyer Promotion

First-time buyers of the latest Cisco technologies represent a great opportunity. SeedIT helps partners encourage these customers to purchase new Cisco platforms. With exclusive discounts on eligible promotions, SeedIT offers easy and compelling pricing to help you close the deal on select products and bundles. For more information you have to login to with your CCO login.

Account Breakaway Program

Account Breakaway rewards partners for finding, developing, and selling a targeted technology into new accounts, or accounts that have not bought in a specific time period, from 1 to 3 years. Eligibility differs by technology.

Take advantage of this program to accelerate your customers’ journey to the latest Cisco solutions and increase your profitability.

Golden Offers Promotion

Offer includes selected: Cisco Wireless Access Points, Managed Switches and RV Routers — Available until 28 July 2018 - Optimise your customers’ network today and increase your revenue!

Fast Track Pricing Initiative

You’ve already realised that digital transformation requires a flexible, available and high-performance IT foundation. But what about your customers? Some might be left to wonder: what does digital transformation really mean?

As businesses strive to become digital, it is important to understand what this encompasses in order to implement the appropriate technology. Digital transformation has a lot of moving parts. Integrated technology capabilities by Cisco brings everything together and help you and your customers.

3rd Party Call Control Promotion

For conversations to be successful voice quality is significantly important. Customers are also looking for end-points that have the right features, design and a strong brand. Cisco brings this together with its multiplatform phones.

Cisco’s multiplatform phones are now available on 3rd party operating platforms. Order your phone this quarter and secure aggressive discounts!

Offers available until 28 July 2018.

*Cisco multiplatform phones are intended for customers who connect to Cisco approved systems from partner service providers.