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Cisco Services Toolkit

  • Comstor Services ToolkitCisco Service Contract Centre 
    One Tool does it all:
     CSCC is the online Cisco services tool to manage all your contracts. Within this tool you can configure, order, manage, register and renew services.  

  • Cisco Online SMS3 Training: This interactive on-line training tool will help you to use the Cisco Service Contract centre and its features: how to create quotes, how to create renewal quotes, how to access your service contracts, how you can order SMS3 contracts.
  • Cisco Service Finder: A quick and easy way to check which service levels are available for a particular product.
  • Cisco Warranty Finder: All Cisco hardware and software products are covered by warranty for a minimum of 90 days. Some product warranties may vary. With the Warranty Finder you can check specific products or product families

  • Cisco Service Availability Matrix: Do you want to offer services in London, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Cape Town? With this tool you can check which service level you can offer on Cisco products on any location.

  • Interactive Services training: This on-line training tool will help you to understand the Cisco Lifecycle services strategy. It is a perfect tool to train your sales people and teach them how they can sell Cisco services.

  • Cisco Service Support Centre:  on-line help desk which you can use for:
    Problems with registrations, problems with your Service contracts and questions about Cisco Services

  • Cisco Field Notices: Cisco field notices will show you all known bugs & fixes on Cisco products.

  • Cisco End of Sale Products: Do you want to know if a certain Cisco product is End of Life or End of Sale? This tool will show you a list of all EOL-EOS products.


  • Cisco Service Management Tool: This tool enables administrators to manage which individuals are allowed to request Service from Cisco (e.g., technical support/TAC, hardware replacement/RMA).


  • Cisco Profile Manager: users can use the Profile Manager to view which Services contracts are associated to their profiles.





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