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Cisco SMARTnet vs Cisco Warranty

Many partners & customers believe think they receive all the support they need based on the Cisco Warranty of products, i.e. without any service contract. We will assure you that they will be shocked when they have a product or network issue when they find out they don't get any support. 


So what is "warranty"?
A warranty reflects Cisco's assurance of the integrity of its product: Cisco's commitment to the customer that the product will function correctly. The warranty also states that Cisco is responsible for the repair and replacement of defective parts. The replacement or repair will take a minimum of 10 working days.


The following points are not covered by Warranty:

  • Technical support
  • Access to Cisco Technical resources & tools
  • Access to the latest software releases
  • Replacements with a delay less then 10 days
  • Access to Cisco's TAC (Technical Assistance Centre)
  • Click here for the full warranty overview

Make sure you offer Cisco SMARTnet Services to avoid any problems with your customer!




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