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Why Buy Cisco Services?

Be Smart and sell CISCO services
In implementing a network, your customers seek networking solutions, not networking products. Strategic networking solutions include contingency plans to ensure that the network remains reliable, secure and available. In fact, your customers’ daily operations increasingly depend on it! 

  • Peace of mind: the cost of a typical annual SMARTnet service contract is between 10-15% of its overall Cisco hardware investment. This relatively small investment is a worthwhile insurance policy protecting your customer’s mission critical applications and operations.

  • Cisco SMARTnet enhances and extends Cisco warranties: SMARTnet support services contracts provide a variety of features and options that are not covered under many Cisco warranties.

  • SMARTnet vs. internal IT staff: “I already have capable IT resources. Why do I need a Cisco SMARTnet support contract?” Because SMARTnet resources augment the IT staff, which is increasingly being asked to do more with less. 

  • With Multi-Year agreements, Cisco SMARTnet delivers extended coverage and long-term price protection to your customers. And services are a predictable revenue stream: earn revenue on an ongoing basis from hardware that has already been sold!

  • Selling Cisco Technical Support Services can help your company:
    • Enhance Cash Flow and margins
    • Penetrate new markets
    • Improve your competitive advantage
    • Increase customer retention
    • Manage the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Maintain business credibility and continuity


Sell SMARTnet Services and feel happy because.......

  • You can rely on Cisco's technical expertise to help your customers
  • You can replace broken products within 4 hours or Next Business Day
  • You have access to Cisco's Technical resources & Tools
  • You earn money and receive yearly returning revenue
  • You build a long-term relationship with your customers
  • You offer your customers investment protection
  • You can receive rebates on your service revenue
Selling Services by Comstor
Not selling SMARTnet Services will give you many problems because........
  • You don't have access to Cisco's technical tools & resources
  • You cannot replace broken products within 4 hours or Next business Day
  • You only rely on standard warranty which only includes replacements upon stock availability. Standard replacements take about 2 weeks.
  • You don't offer investment protection
  • You cannot rely on Cisco's technical expertise to fix problems
  • Your competitors offer SMARTnet Services
  • You pay an hourly rate of 210 usd wit a minimum of 4 hours support
 Not-Selling Services by Comstor




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