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Imagicle Convergence

Today the way you connect with friends, colleagues, clients, suppliers is growing more and more and despite of the many communication ways, paradoxically you are often not able to talk to whom you wish.


Different technologies, programs and standards are competing on the same market, but how do we get in touch with one another? Which tools can we be using? Many tools are available but at the same time you feel frustrated because of too many overlapping methods, ending up in a delay in your communications.


Imagine simple, transversal, integrated solutions. In a single word convergent with all tools and networks you normally use, thus allowing a unified experience, transversal to the several existing technologies.


Convergence Offers you the following products:

Audio Skype Gateway  


Imagicle Convergence


Video Skype Gateway SkyStone Video
Software Audio Conference Bridge Meetnow Audio
Software Video Conference Bridge Meetnow Video   
GSM-VoIP-PSTN-ISDN gateways Onestream G

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